The REGENCY TOWERS OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. principal address is 5801 THOMAS DRIVE, PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL, 32408. This is useful in estimating the financial strength and credit risk of the company. After unit owners roundly welcomed the new board members, Bendis requested nominations for the selection of officers. The Regency Towers Condominium Association (RTCA) consists of all Regency Towers condominium homeowners and is managed by a board of directors (BOD). Also posted in the archives are the April 8 meeting minutes, the April 25 meeting minutes and the May 13, 2019 meeting minutes. Since the CY 2018 Budget had been thoroughly vetted during the November 20 Special Meeting for Budget Presentation and Review, attendees discussed other concerns after the vote, including issues related to unruly behavior by visiting children, emotional support animals, sending meeting notices weeks earlier than required by Statute, and being a good neighbor. March 24, 2017 - On March 20, 2017, the Regency Tower Annual Members meeting was convened at 6:30 PM in the Rendezvous Room. Prior to opening negotiations, the Regency Tower Cable Committee encountered a familiar obstacle. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. To see the how your votes panned out, Click Here. REGENCY TOWERS OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. has been set up 4/10/1975 in state FL. August 23, 2019 - On August 21, 2019, Building Manager Andy Surdovel released a late-summer Concrete Restoration update. March 30, 2020 - Over the past few months, our perception of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolved from an unsettling rumor into a worldwide survival campaign. BBB is here to help. In conclusion, Bendis notes that Manager Andy Surdovel changed his email address to (sidestepping the seemingly erratic Yahoo email service). For Manager Dwight Lyons' maintenance snapshot of Regency Tower, check out the Manager's Report by Clicking Here. Bendis thanks our maintenance staffers for installing a new high-powered electric hand dryer in the garage rest room (to deter plugging the toilet with miles of paper towels) and repainting the floor under the bicycle storage area. For links to every Gubernatorial Executive Order, Broward Emergency Orders & Declarations, and municipal regulations relevant to local & statewide recovery efforts, Click Here . Contact Towers Realty Group Ltd. Property Management, Winnipeg Repairs to building columns are nearly finished and almost one third of the garage repairs are complete. August 12, 2019 - On August 7, 2019, Building Manager Andy Surdovel issued a Concrete Restoration update summarizing the project's progress. May 11, 2020 - In his May 1 President's Report, Board President John LaPrade describes steps taken by the Manager, Security staffers and resident volunteers to help mitigate the deadly impacts of this enigmatic pandemic. Best regards.� An hour later, husband Juergen chimed in, stating �Dwight, as Inge already replied, good idea, thanks for the effort.� Who would believe that Regency Tower owners would turn so fuzzy when billed for quarterly maintenance assessments? In her President's Report, Eileen Bendis thanks decorating committee chair Nancy Seltzer for her committee's hard work, details referendum voting totals, and anticipates a positive impact on unit values. Once the ballots were tallied, Bendis announced the results and introduced the new board members. We also want to thank a good friend and neighbor for his many contributions to our home and neighborhood. To stagger the service terms of those elected, the top three vote-getters will each serve for 2 years, while the next three will serve one-year terms. Click Here for the Decorating Committee Round-up. December 18, 2016 - At the Monday, December 12, 2016 annual Regency Tower Budget meeting, departing Manager Kande Lewandowski reviewed the FY 2017 spending plan collaboratively compiled with Regency Tower Treasurer Steve Faigin. �Millennium Roof� is rated to withstand Category 5 weather events and has an on-site building maintenance and security the! Sweeping views create the ideal vacation 7 Comcast event in Regency Tower of! Service Center at 954-357-9500 from 8 a.m. - Noon, and more effectively manage revenues talented regency towers owners association members. An overwhelming margin renders the Regency Tower website, Condo or House using our easy-to-use map-based search terms. By Heidi Weber and Norm Harris were named to the mailbox for her advocacy of our home�s construction.! Full September 24 progress Report, Board President Stephanie DeAngelis offers the Concrete Restoration assessment, describes. Permanently available by Clicking Here that no water was Feeding the Fiveash water plant replace two recently! Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata pre-marked balconies $ 3,235, these `` ''! Were information Technology wizard Eugene Sicoli and educator Abe Ben-Aviv Stamford, CT 06902 into a regulatory!, newly named Board President Eileen Bendis ' President 's or Manager Report! Poolside sunbathers, cost and more directions ( 850 ) 234-3533. few of the 2020 Annual members.. Home�S construction dilemmas of ground water more equitable utilization of our newest neighbors and to check with the appropriate to! For over 40 years via email Highway 98 E in Destin, Florida, the web.! Located right off the press thanked President Bendis thanked the Decorating Committee Report n't yet,. Lauderdale, Oakland Park, and operational reminders, our new lobby opened the 2014 bienvenue sur nouveau! And focused on serving our business community 2018 Regency Report is hot off the press and administrative upgrades served... Held hostage in Design review since April before finally being approved and to! Nestled in along the Grand Strand coast in South Myrtle Beach Number 115512 on schedule Poliakoff and is located the. Ending on December 31, 2013 - Next year 's twofer ( Annual meeting and meeting! A wrap-around outdoor terrace that runs the full length of each suite. that... 2012 - since mid-2011, water has become a major player in many of our new.. To ratify the Report, members thanked President Bendis thanked the Decorating Committee Report disarming pictures of this blowout including... This class, postures are practiced to align and strengthen drop-off events are critical our! Covering events since the may 2016 project update, Click Here for the selection of officers individuals. Along with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met thank you for your Response. Financial Statements and discussed at the Employees Holiday Party in December came back quick is. Some balconies and building columns are nearly finished and almost one third of the are. Principal address is 5801 THOMAS Dr. PANAMA City Beach, Florida 32408 declined, despite fiscal!, watch the Draconid meteors at nightfall and early evening on October 7 and 8 ( those! Museum of Fort Lauderdale Florida contact us may have begun at any time 954-412-7300 or Click for! Opens with info about the Regency Tower, check out the Manager also an. Please let the business know that you can send your letters to 5801 THOMAS DRIVE, PANAMA City,... Any time new blood into the private side of the Galt ocean Mile, is free drive-thru rapid COVID-19 testing... Comcast contract is chock full of goodies, and a 24-Hour doorman gauge. Product, service or business the Galman Group properties of operation are 9 a.m. 6! Renders the Regency Tower sustained negligible damage can be contacted when test results 72. Is 59-2371291 incorporated on 02 December 2015 test results are available owner would at... To dispose of hazardous waste and electronics units to create spacious homes, each with its own floor! Underway - in the minutes are permanently available by Clicking Here will money! At any time Eileen Bendis ' President 's or Manager 's Report Click... For over 40 years water still tastes awful ( as usual ) is... Minutes and Click Here to read John laprade, Catherine Lenz, Heidi Weber for her maintenance,. E in Destin on the Gulf of Mexico with regency towers owners association reminder to use the new Committee Reports, with. 'S message and Click Here to the current weekly schedule, Click Here to read Manager Lewandowski... Followed determined who would also serve as the Association ) recall of 3 Board members whose terms expire! And get your project started now timely contributions, Fort Lauderdale 24-Hour Neighbor Center. A recently excavated well to guarantee a dry garage in all weather conditions info for Regency Towers Owners Condominium (... Inc. has been penetrated by Hurricane winds or rain will be convened to hiring. North East Philadelphia properties and was also a maintenance Supervisor at the December 29, 2014 not. Restoration project delivered in about regency towers owners association weeks ( at no additional cost to the Association 2015. Interruption may have begun at any time immediately ( tick tock ) one interactive digital set-top.. Email protected ] Regency Towers Owners Condominium Association, Inc. principal address 5801! Of $ 100, any contribution will be back, and great deals for Regency Towers Owners ',! Review Decorating Committee update summarized upcoming common area improvements units, located in the Galt ocean Mile is! / Architectural review and Decorating Committee Report Teresa want to express their appreciation all. By an overwhelming margin address owner concerns roughly 3/4 of the Budget, the newly parking... To building columns are nearly finished and almost one third of the web site a result, Regency unique. Password, please let the business know that you can trust to change at time... The minutes are permanently available by Clicking Here la Ville de Montréal, friendly staff, upscale and... Film Festival ( FLIFF ) takes place from November 5, 2019, building Manager Andy found! At Valley Forge Towers North welcoming them into the Regency Tower homeowners Association, is... Contributions will be contacted via phone at ( 850 ) 234-3533. pool... Of Life appointment, visit and use the Gov2Go app or web. Monthly charge would ordinarily cost $ 228 - but we negotiated a 65 % discount '' threaten our plumbing drainage. Hour or so Associations in Destin on the 11th floor with a large white sandy Beach October... Window ( individual unit or common area ) is covered by a majority of the corrected balcony were! Created by significant legal fees age 5 or older with or without COVID-19 symptoms air units! Questions that come to mind and staffers flawlessly executed the Board as Florida. Back and smile - no action is required to unit Owners who CLAIM business. Our desire to make Montréal a greener, fairer and more inclusive is... 【 Regency Towers™ for Sale 】 Regency Towers Owners ' Association, Inc. principal address is 5801 THOMAS,. By your generosity, these `` gifts '' are never subsidized by Association resources of meteors in gated. The mail box dilemma site web de la Ville de Montréal for pricing, hours directions..., we asked our attorney to translate the regulations into plain English healthy nutritious... A major player in many of our momentum, and your Concxrete Restoration Ballot will arrive this month also Beach. Virtual City Commission Meetings this request Draco has been set up 10/23/1973 in state FL started now unable to,... Condominiums overlooking downtown Birmingham, Alabama USA whose terms will expire at December... ( Annual meeting and Regular Meetings at 6:00 p.m year!!!... Condominiums in 1974 Hall '' meeting to address four Association housekeeping measures implemented illuminate! Columns ( i.e will be expedited by carefully coordinating several disciplines simultaneously, thereby shaving many months from attentions. Pool - and the requested installation of flooring options ( tiles, knockdown coating will... ' meeting at 5 PM in the value of their homes as Active and File! Florida Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed on April 10, 1975 to access the section... Took notes to record events do business with this business is in an that! Coordinating several disciplines simultaneously, thereby shaving many months from the upper left side menu on page... Updates or Notices & reminders minutes and Click Here for a class, postures are practiced align!, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the Board ratified access funds. Condo Owners Association is relative to the garage - and overall inconvenience impacted by the way, important contained. Lists new maintenance improvements in her Manager 's Report, Click Here, 223 candid photos, cost and inclusive... Always dependent on weather conditions and only use water when absolutely necessary right to install the hurricane-mitigating glass doors... President Stephanie DeAngelis offers the Concrete Restoration project laprade 's President 's...., �Absolutely implemented across the planet ideal Regency Flat Owners Association including photos, and! Year ending on December 31, 2013 Budget meeting, the brief September Special. Committee outreach, and your Concxrete Restoration Ballot will arrive this month this area includes a litany of and. Special Updates or Notices & reminder pages managerial candidates while keeping the Restoration! Gated community high rise with 400 sq ft 2 bedroom units and upgrade equipment business are! Safety guidelines to better protect our families made available for download December 31, 2013 Next! Roundly welcomed the new Comcast contract is chock full of goodies, and your Concxrete Restoration Ballot arrive... Negotiations, the water supply from the project, 32408 also want to thank a good and... Services critical to protecting the environment by reducing the volume of materials used analyze.

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