Introducing the AIRSTREAM x MTN LOCAL Snowboard. #LiveRiveted. Also search available nationwide inventory for units for sale. The door location make the inside feel a little tighter. More About Quality Basecamp 2.0. Both trailers have a wet bath as the only bathroom option. to run the 12V/120V compressor style refrigerator for many days without hookups. Airstream Basecamp® Our most nimble Airstream yet, Basecamp® is the very definition of get-up-and-go. This body shape dates back to the 1930s and is based on designs created by Hawley Bowlus, who had earlier overseen construction of Charles Lindbergh's aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis. This construction keeps the trailer light weight. The latest is the Airstream Basecamp trailer, which gives campers a lighter, more compact way of Airstreaming their way to outdoor adventures. Its convenience and streamlined construction became an enabler and catalyst for adventures both big and small. The aluminum used for the exterior structure and the interior walls is pretreated to resist ultraviolet rays, mold, discoloration, cracking, flaking, and oxidation. Wegen der hohen Nachfrage in den USA wird der Basecamp von dort importiert und umgerüstet. Hervorgehoben wird die kompakte Länge, sie liegt bei rund 4,96 Meter. Just take a glance at this never-ending thread on the Airstream forums. Epicurean is excited to be a small part of the Airstream Basecamp lifestyle. The available optional solar provides a great charge for the AGM style 12V group 24 series batteries at a total of 160amp hr. The beauty of this material is that you need very few pieces. It’s modern style, wrap-around kitchen and a shower I could actually stand up in sold me on the interior. At sixteen feet in length, although not a "tiny" travel trailer, it is the smallest of all the Airstreams. The propane tank can hold 4.7 gallons. Here is the differences summary between a scamp trailer and Airstream sport for you to decide. Toggle navigation . Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Airstream Inc.'s board "Airstream Community", followed by 10837 people on Pinterest. Well, the Airstream Basecamp is certainly flashy, and for all the right reasons! Airstream Travel Trailers. The Nest is more automotive and modern in look and feel which really hits home for this consumer. The Basecamp takes advantage of every available interior space for storage. Updated with 2020 models. We really like the way Airstream has outfitted the Basecamp with the modern utilities that let you enjoy your portable technology. We realize that all trailers are different and again every effort was made to be fair, honest, and close to the facts as possible. However, many travelers prefer the side entry option. More About Quality Basecamp 2.0. The Basecamp does weigh almost 1,000 lbs lighter – coming in at 2,635 lbs. Airstream Supply Company Nearest Dealers Search. Back in 2007, society was in a pretty good state. Learn about the thoughtful choices that go into Basecamp's design and construction. Airstream Wohnwagen werden seit 1931 bis heute in USA hergestellt. Airstream is an American brand of caravan ("travel trailer" in American English) which are easily recognized by the distinctive shape of their rounded and polished aluminum coachwork. Its rear doors have great utility value for storing long items while you’re traveling. Scamp is a fiberglass trailer which is better insulated and suited for extreme weather. The body is constructed with riveted aluminum panels. The Basecamp is a small aluminum travel trailer with the same quality construction of its bigger sister coaches. Learn about the thoughtful choices that go into Basecamp's design and construction. Nest appeals to those consumers who like understated and clean design lines. Call Camper Clinic at or visit us at 15855 South I-35, 0, Buda, TX, USA, 78610-9736 to schedule a showing of the Airstream Basecamp 16. The first thing you should know about the Basecamp: If you are a hermit, recluse or just avoid contact with people in general, don’t even consider one. View this post on Instagram. Holding tanks are key to camping off grid. Built for adventure, it’s a small camping trailer that’s tough enough to go anywhere your wanderlust takes you, and comfortable enough to help you really enjoy the time you spend there. And so far, it’s lived up to all of that! You may choose the front bed to be a convertible dinette or a full time bed. The Basecamp kitchen is wrapped around the front of the trailer, allowing for a lot more counter space. It also offers 29 Black Water Holding Tank(s), 1 Fresh Water Holding Tank(s), and . Airstream's first ride was in 1929 but really Airstream was born the first time Wally Byam left home. The biggest difference is the side entry door on the Basecamp. The attachable rear tent adds extra interior space when you’re set up. Airstream Basecamp launches the new 20 and 20X models with updated features and roomier proportions to make travel even more comfortable. Checkout the shots and video below, with credits to our friends at The Public Works. Aug 28, 2020 - With sport utility vehicles shrinking and lightening, smaller, lighter camping trailers have been following closely behind. The Basecamp in particular didn't live up to classic style Airstreams that we looked at though. ", followed by 162 people on Pinterest. The Airstream Basecamp allows owners to create a home away from home. It’s a bit pricey, but compared to a $100,000 full size Airstream…its not too steep. And, most importantly, they give travelers a new twist on the classic Airstream design – allowing us to explore more! The Basecamp is the smallest of Airstream’s travel trailers, with an oval-shaped floorplan and all of the essentials packed into a tiny space. -Jim in SLC PS–I’ll likely stick with my little Camplite for at least another year–it’s my first non-Airstream. Every detail of the Basecamp is designed with adventure-seekers in mind. The Nest is largely made of molded fiberglass. The body is constructed with riveted aluminum panels. The NEST is capable of adding aftermarket portable solar panels with a Zamp quick disconnect at the front of the trailer. Then the slanted rear for an improved departure angle, and the regular car tires convinced me it could go to all the boondocking spots I wanted to drag it to. Today’s Basecamp is actually a new and improved version of our original model from 2007. Go Behind the Design Basecamp Videos. The Basecamp was the only RV to fit this bill. Wohnwagen Lume Traveler: Schlafen und Kochen im Freien, Airstream stellt neue Modelle 604 und 684 Studio vor, Airstream-Trailer als spezielle Nationalpark-Version, Dieser Caravan von Beauer wächst auf Knopfdruck, Piaggio Beverly (2021): Neue Variante des Motorrollers vorgestellt, Vergessene Studien: Chevrolet Nomad (1954), Renault Zoe: Beliebtestes Elektroauto und meistgekaufter Renault, Mercedes S-Klasse (2021): S500 bleibt bei Topspeed beeindruckend ruhig, EasyCaravanning TakeOff: Pfiffiger Klapp-Anhänger für Camper. Today’s Basecamp is actually a new and improved version of our original model from 2007. Thermal barrier protection is sandwiched between the exterior and interior walls. That means you can carry 500lbs worth of stuff, be it the essentials (like water) or the trivial (like plants). An der Seite befindet sich eine zusätzliche Tür für den Ein- und Ausstieg. The weight will have huge implications on your tow vehicle…and corresponding “ease of towing.”. Airstream just released the 22 foot Caravel. With the introduction of the Nest and the Basecamp, Airstream takes the idea of “small trailers” to the extreme. Dec 22, 2019 - Small camping trailers with bathrooms in this list include a wet bath. Basecamp Travel Trailer; Bambi Travel Trailer; Caravel Travel Trailer; Flying Cloud Travel Trailer; International Travel Trailer; Globetrotter Travel Trailer; Classic Travel Trailer; Airstream Touring Coaches. Close menu. Airstream Basecamp Material. The MSRP of the Airstream Nest is $45,900. Despite the similar specs of these two Airstreams, the design & aesthetic is a key dividing point. Its paired with a 30 gallon grey & black water combo tank. The Basecamp keeps with Airstream’s roots. 2021 Airstream Basecamp $54,400 Color N/A Engine N/A Miles N/A. Find your Airstream for sale in FL today. See more ideas about airstream interior, airstream, airstream remodel. Home; All Inventory. Otherwise, the rear entry door leads to a hallway with a bathroom on one side and a closet & fridge on the other. We reached out to Justin Humphreys, the Chief Operating Officer of Airstream Inc., to better understand the design differences between the Nest and Basecamp. It's compact, light, and easy to tow, and the perfect place to land after a day of adventure. We consider that a pretty big difference. Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailers For Sale: 92 Travel Trailers - Find Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailers on RV Trader. The total lease cost is $60,834.75 with a $5,206.67 residual. Basecamp starting at $38,000, sleeps upto 4; Comparison caveat . This construction keeps the trailer light weight. Airstream says, “The Nest is nimble and light on its feet, which makes it easy to tow with a variety of mid-size SUVs.”. We surveyed the Vibe Tribe (our online community) and the results were pretty decisive. If you haven’t tried free camping before, also known as boondocking, take a look at our beginners guide to boondocking filled with everything you need to know to get started. The exterior height is 9.5 feet and the width is 7 feet. However, it double the propane capacity – measuring in at 9.4 gallons. – Justin Humphreys. This trailer has all the classic Airstream design features…just a little smaller and less expensive. Interstate Nineteen Motorhome; Tommy Bahama Interstate Motorhome; Interstate 24 Motorhome; Atlas Motorhome; Pleasure Way. Go Behind the Design Basecamp Videos. However, all these measurements are pretty dang close. Menu (844) 889-1308. Airstream International Range . Jetzt Airstream Gebraucht bei kaufen. Airstream Basecamp 16. This construction keeps the trailer light weight. It looks more like a traditional Airstream because of the aluminum exterior. Doch die mobilen Aluminium-Behausungen sind kein Sonderangebot. Along with vacationing families and other adventurers, commercial as well as government agencies such as NASA have continued to popularize the Airstream product line. Just take a glance at this never-ending thread on the Airstream forums. The Airstream Basecamp allows owners to create a home away from home. To promote the Airstream BaseCamp In fact, Airstream uses only 3 molded pieces to complete the Nest exterior shell. Discover the Airstream that suits your lifestyle. The length can limit where (and how easily) you can park. Every detail of the Basecamp is designed with adventure-seekers in mind. Basecamp® is ready when you are. The design of Airstream’s Basecamp was favored 69% to 31%. Location Get a Brochure. Dort kann einer der Anhänger besichtigt werden. There are two available floor plans, the 16U with a front dinette that converts into a bed and a 16FB with a permanent front bed and a side lounge with removable dinette table. The Basecamp can seat up to five people, but at the end of the day most guests will have to leave — the Basecamp sleeps two. 963 likes. That’s an $8,500 difference between these two models. See more ideas about airstream basecamp, travel trailer, airstream. Generally speaking, the Basecamp appeals to the buyer who wants to go a little further off the beaten path…the Basecamp buyer boondocks more than any of our other categories and likes the rugged features and storing capabilities of the product. This concept is similar to a boat shell; also similar to Casita and Scamp Travel Trailers. Both of the models provide easy towing and modern amenities. Typically Airstreams are known for their aluminum shells. The NEST is a full feature travel trailer by Airstream modeled after Wally Byam’s original Wally Bee but with modern appliances and amenities for out new generation of Airstream owners. Airstream’s patented aerodynamic, low-profile shape naturally delivers low wind resistance, creates less draft, and offers a safer and easier driving experience. 2016 wurde der Basecamp vorgestellt - mit einer speziellen X-Version will Airstream nun die Wünsche der Offroad-Fans noch besser erfüllen. The Basecamp keeps with Airstream’s roots. Airstream of Northwest Florida | Your FL Airstream Dealer | Airstreams in FL (844) 889-1308 Location & Hours. It looks more like a traditional Airstream because of the aluminum exterior. At sixteen feet in length, although not a "tiny" travel trailer, it is the smallest of all the Airstreams. Materials, fit and finish, etc. One downside to the material is that fiberglass weighs more and has less flex than aluminum. Side winds from passing traffic are reduced as well, with sway almost unnoticeable even in heavy winds. Are Airstreams noisy in the rain? Airstream Basecamp travel trailer 20 highlights:Bench SeatingWet BathTwo Burner StoveConvertible DinetteRemovable Tables Take off for the mountains at the drop of... LazyDays RV Minneapolis (877) 516-4144. The Basecamp is a small aluminum travel trailer with the same quality construction of its bigger sister coaches. So get going. Im Bug befinden sich sowohl eine Küche mit Zwei-Flammen-Herd, Spülbecken und Kühlschrank als auch eine Nasszelle mit Toilette und Dusche. Der passende Name: Basecamp, also Basislager. Its convenience and streamlined construction became an enabler and catalyst for adventures both big and small. Full Specs and brochures for the 2020 Airstream Basecamp Basecamp X. Die Besonderheit des Basecamp war von Anfang an die Robustheit der Konstruktion und seine Geländegängigkeit. We get this question asked a lot. Airstream sport is much bigger and wider. Enough spec talk, let’s hear from a few owners and experts about their unique insight on these tiny travel trailers. The body is constructed with riveted aluminum panels. We think the real winner of this Airstream matchup is you, the explorer! Your email has been sent! Here’s some perspective on her buying process: I was in the market for a RV under 4,000lbs, but still wanted all the amenities of a larger trailer since this was going to be my full time home. The wet bath is functional and has plenty of room for the day to day activities. The unique rear entry door really opens up the floor plan and when you walk in it has a wide open feel. Built by hand in Essex, Vermont (which we discovered on our recent Round Trip journey to the Stowe, Vermont area), this beautiful board is made for gliding through fresh, deep powder and carving up groomed corduroy.The design is inspired by elements taken from the design of Airstream’s Basecamp Travel Trailer. Materials, fit and finish, etc. Holding Tanks. Airstream Floor Plans Rv Floor Plans floor from airstream basecamp floor plan, source: It costs $37,900 for the base model, or … Plus, the aluminum is treated to resist ultraviolet rays, mold, … From dramatic, wraparound tinted front windows, to the smallest, smartly placed storage container, Basecamp … The available Basecamp X package includes a higher ground clearance, off road tires and heavy duty rock guards for the more off the beaten path adventurers. Fortunately, they hold their value better than any other major travel trailer manufacturer. Patrick Botticelli, aka Colonial Patrick, is one of the most well known Airstream salesmen in the USA. Diese Aufgabe übernimmt die Roka-Werk GmbH in Merenburg bei Limburg. Bei der Innenraumbreite kommt der Airstream Basecamp auf 1,94 Meter. The Basecamp shares the silver-sided appearance of its more conventional Airstream siblings and incorporates semimonocoque construction. The GVWR (how much your trailer can safely weigh including payload) is 4,000lbs.

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