The VEO is bigger than its ancestor, they have a longer and thicker neck, they also have a bigger head and jaws. This growth is followed by a more gradual and consistent weight gain of 5-10% per week as the puppy ages. Czech German shepherds, or the Czechoslovakian shepherds, originated from the Czech border and were mainly bred just like DDR German shepherds. The dog was developed in the 1930-1950s as there was a need for a bigger, more robust, weather-resistant type of dog who would perform all kinds of guard duties in the Soviet Union. Yes, you guessed it right, the European German Shepherd needs a bit more exercise than the American. Mixed breeds, too! The East European Shepherd (VEO) is a strong and tall Shepherd with a very straight back. These dogs usually reach their adult size by around 18 to 24 months, yet this can be up to 36 months for some Eastern European lines. These dogs are very similar in the aspect to a dog of shepherd German and developed directly of the GSDs brought to the Soviet Union in years 20. The East-European Shepherd dog is also known as Russian Shepherd, Owczarek Wschodnioeuropejski and Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka (VEO). The dog was developed in the 1930-1950s as there was a need for a bigger, more robust, weather-resistant type of dog who would perform all kinds of guard duties in the Soviet Union. Their growth rate decreases significantly at 6 months and continues to be minimal after 12 months. The East European Shepherd otherwise know as VEO, is derived from the German Shepherd, and mated with either the Caucasian Shepherd or the Central Asian Shepherd along with a wolf. When breeding, it was described as an East European-type German Shepherd. Size. COLOR: Black, black/tan saddled, OTHER NAMES: Byelorussian Owtcharka. The East European Shepherd Dogs are beautiful, proportional and very large dogs, the maximum height of which is 76 cm and the weight is 60 kg. COUNTRY: USSR. The body is slightly stretched, the muscles are well developed, dry, the back is long, strong, the loin is muscular, slightly arched, the chest is wide and oval, the limbs are well developed and parallel, the paws are round. HEIGHT: 24-28 inches. Along with a short coat of dense fur, they have strong (but not coarse) bones and well-developed muscles. Wikipedia described it as “extremely loyal and a devoted pet to its owner’. Temperament: East European Shepherds are best for families with older children. Male Here are some facts about the European German Shepherd. The Cynologists were tasked to create on the basis of these dogs a new breed of shepherd dogs, which would differ from the German Shepherd by behavioral reactions and would be more massive and sturdy. Because the European German Shepherd is the workaholic and the American German Shepherd is the calmer version, you can guess which one needs more exercise. We keep our dogs in the house, never in a kennel. Our puppy weight calculator estimates the adult weight of your pup based on his current age, weight… German shepherds are one of the most popular family dogs in the U.S. A healthy newborn large breed pup should at least double its birth weight in the first week of their life. A German shepherd’s growth rate typically slows at 6 months, and growth after 12 months is minimal. East German Shepherds were highly overlooked as a bloodline after the inner border fell in Germany while Czech German Shepherds were readily bred for border protection. The first standard that has formed the breed type of East-European Shepherd was approved in 1964 by the Cynologic Council … All about East-European Shepherd - dog breed information, pictures and facts East European Shepherds (2) The East European Shepherd (VEO) (in Russian: Восточно-европейская овчарка (ВЕО)) is a breed of dog that was developed in the 1930-1950s based on German Shepherds to create a larger, cold-resistant breed for military use, police work and … All our dogs are well socialized and are familiar with other dogs and cats. The East European Shepherd is a dog which hails from Russia. It is balanced, confident and can be wary of strangers. COAT: Moderately short, smooth. East-European Shepherd The East-European Shepherd is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in the former Soviet Union with the purpose of creating a larger, more cold resistant version of the German Shepherd; it lacks the physical deformities bred into western show lines of German Shepherds and has become one of Russia's most popular dog types. We have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator on the web with over 450 dog breed calculation formulas! The East-European Shepherd is one of many European dog breeds that were developed by the former Soviet Union or USSR. But thanks to the efforts of the Russian Federation, dog handlers, who proved that there are differences between German and East European shepherd dogs, recognized the breed as independent in 2002. The East-European Shepherd is very loyal to its own people. Regulation: European German Shepherds are regulated under the SV (German Shepherd Club of Germany), which gives each and every registered dog the seal of approval. No - it's not a good guard dog. The dog was developed in the 1930-1950s as there was a need for a bigger, more robust, weather-resistant type of dog who would perform all kinds of guard duties in the Soviet Union. As a result of a crossing of some Western and local Russian breeds of dogs a number of so-called Soviet dogs appeared, including the Russian German Shepherd (East European Shepherd), the Moscow dog (Moscow Watchdog), and the Russian Newfoundland. There are several types of these dogs, and those hailing from Germany differ greatly from those in the U.S. A German Shepherd dog usually reaches physical adulthood at 1 and half to 2 years of age. Weight: > 65 lbs: Behaviour and Personality. The base breed for creating the East European Shepherd were German Shepherds of various type and quality brought to the USSR from Germany in 1924-1936. Jun 30, 2019 - Explore Jorge Enrique Navarro's board "East European Shepherds" on Pinterest. The East-European Shepherd was created from German Shepherds that were mixed with local northern breeds, molossers and some other breeds. What is the average weight of a East European Shepherd? An excellent guard dog, the East-European Shepherd will protect its owners at all costs. The East European Shepherd is larger than a German Shepherd: males are 66-76 centimetres (26-30 inches) at the withers and weight 35-50 kg, females are 62-72 centimetres (24.5-28 inches) and weight 30-50 kg. Primary purpose of developing this breed was to create a dog for military use. Is a East European Shepherd good with kids? Physical Characteristics: Physically, European German Shepherds have bigger heads, a straighter line on their hind legs, and a shorter and wider backline. The East European Shepherd, also called Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka or VEO (Russian: Восточно-европейская овчарка or ВЕО) is a Russian breed of shepherd dog.It was selectively bred from the German Shepherd Dog to create a larger dog with better resistance to cold conditions, and was intended for military and guard work.

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