Alternatively, have her pass down Astra (from the Swordmaster branch) or Luck+4 if you are too lazy to reclass her. At level 30, if a Second Seal is used, not only can she revert back to a level 1 Manakete, she can also switch to a level 1 advanced class (e.g. They stop coming by turn 11 (or so...I think) The  you can have Olivia dance for Chrom repeatedly. She can gain beneficial skills to help increase her hit rate, but with her mother being Tharja, she may want to become a Sorcerer, Sage, or Valkryie to gain an advantage of her magic growth rate. Alternatively, upon reaching the level cap of 30 for the Taguel race, it is possible to use a Second Seal to reset Yarne to LV1 Taguel and keep his current stats, allowing for an infinite loop until all of them are capped. He has great access to secondary classes such as Assassin and Trickster, which compliments his speed, but unless his father is Robin, it will be tough to make him stand out compared to the others. She can either gain more experience cap up her levels from her starting class, or automatically promote to get closer to obtaining the powerful Aether skill. Although, a male MyUnit is still the best option here. The following graphic is an example of parental matching as to unlock all children available - these particular pairings are not the only possibilities. However, since Maribelle is a healer, his defense may be weak. Although Taguels cannot be promoted using a Master Seal, there are some useful Second Seal classes that can be utilized to help Yarne's initial skill set. While Lissa is a magic fighter/healer (unless you reclassed her to War Cleric, which will give Owain some bonuses), Owain is Myrmidon. If there aren't any other options to make him better, than he can be a pair up bot for those he can support with. Noire can learn various attack and defense skills on her own. for the Nintendo 3DS.. If you chose Olivia (which is hard), Lucina can be devastating with multiple high-activation chance attack skills, and Inigo gains access to Rightful King Royal Weapon, increasing the chances of his easy-to-get Sol activating. Due to Lucina's join time, it is recommended that you get any skills you wish Lucina to have on her parents through the additional SpotPass, DLC, or Reeking Box grinding. Be warned, Paralogue 6 is perhaps the most difficult child recruitment chapter. Frederick. Related: Fire Emblem: Every Game Ranked By Difficulty. Actually, MyUnit can become all classes except for sex-exclusive classes, Manakete, Taguel, Dancer, Villager, and Fighter. After marriage, you can recruit your pair's children in Paralogues on the world map. Marianne is a freelance writer who graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English. Children characters are some of the strongest in the game, benefitting from their parents' hard training. If you choose Frederick/Stahl as Kjelle's father, no more classes are available for her; you should avoid this pair unless you are certain that the available builds are what you want to go with. Along with working for TheGamer, she has contributed to Valnet's sister sites TheThings and GameRant, as well as other sites including FanSided's App Trigger and GAMURS group Gamepur. Widely regarded as a modernization of the series, Awakening … Additionally, any child produced from your My Unit character will have the ability to change to any class (excluding gender-specific classes). She can either be a fast or tanky dragon, so almost any father can work for her if optimized correctly. For instance, if the mother can become a Dark Flier, you should pass the Dark Flier's Lv15 skill "Galeforce" along. With MyUnit as her father she may reclass into almost any class. If her father is Donnel, and you pass down Aptitude, she becomes nigh-unstoppable in any shape or form, due to insanely high growths. Children characters can marry each other, but won’t produce offspring. Also. If you can wait it out, make sure NONE of your units, and I mean NONE, are in Gangrel's attack range, or the people who are super close around him ( the wyvern riders and stuff, depends which difficulty for who's there). With both male and female Robin being one of the most powerful characters in Awakening, both Morgans are easily the best child units in the game. Discover (and save!) All characters recruited through StreetPass, SpotPass, or your Avatar Logbook cannot engage in support conversations. But remember: Tharja's Luck status is weak. Therefore, you should consider carefully about the spouses of My Unit, Gregor, and Donnel. Also: Olivia can marry Chrom.

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