Stealth and discreteness what I care about the most. We strongly recommend against any use of liquids in PAX 2. Thanks! With competitors like Storz & Bickel and Firefly coming out with upgraded versions of their iconic devices last year one could say the pressure is on Pax to at least unveil some images of the Pax 4 while maybe teasing a date or season it could be released. Your malicious feedback is straight lies. Once PAX 2 is on the cradle, watch for the pulsing white petals. A unit like the Crafty produces even more and stronger vapor with the same amount of material, but the PAX is still pretty good in this department. I never had this issue with the original Pax or Volcano. YOU PROB BOUGHT A FAKE. I only notice an odor when I’m actively vaping from it, for me the unit is pretty odorless when cooled down and not in use, but I’ve gotten a few reports from people who said the mouthpiece area trapped more odor than they’d like. They sent some generic grinder but I’m not sure if it’ll cut it. They cover defects for 10 years and they’re not just all talk, they actually provide excellent customer service and support. Unfortunately, it has not improved. Major purpose of buy was accomplished – no harshness, heat… I like it. I think you may end up using and consuming more material (due to oven size) when compared to combustion, but it is a cleaner experience. I still use a glass after so long. Kinda anal I know. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). Pax customer service is unable to support my battery warranty even though I purchased direct to avoid any chance of getting a knock off. New to vaping, new to Pax 2. SEND IT TO THEM FOR A WARRANTY AND GET IT FIXED!!!!! I received it in the mail over the weekend and got to work! The new one is better in this area and feels more free-flowing, most notably when it’s clean and there’s no residue restricting airflow around the screen. The fake PAX 2 has a pixelated image with a rougher texture and feel, whereas the authentic possesses a stable and higher quality image. The Hebe $25 works 10 times better. Learn everything about the PAX 2, its features and how to get the most out of it here in our PAX 2 Full review. Turn your PAX 2 on by pressing the button in the centre of the mouthpiece; Choose 1 of the 4 temperature settings by pressing the same button for an extended time while the unit is on. sending positive clouds from brooklyn, dave. Damn! You can always order an extra lid from EVERY SINGLE TIME, NO PROBLEM. PAX 1 ISNT FOR SALE FOR OVER A YEAR. Rippers will be pretty satisfied too, generally the longer you pull the more vapor you’ll get and it stays nice and smooth. I wonder if a regular screen would work better, Would you pick the herbalizer or mighty based of vapor quality. I’m going to pay more attention to it now but I haven’t personally noticed any strong smells from my mouthpiece area, only from the bottom I notice some odor emits from the oven when I’m vaping. I felt so silly! I just got pax 2 but aren’t getting nearly what u get. Wondering if other heavy medical users experience this problem or if it is isolated? PAX 1 and PAX 2, side-by-side. Thanks i’m very disappointed with these results, I hope I don’t have to buy a 4th one. Hey don’t worry about it! You can also check the battery when the PAX is charging. the 3 Hour wait time for the Full charge, can seem long. I pop my screen out and give the chamber a quick scrub every few sessions, but I’ll talk more about maintenance in a minute. You’re awesome man! and repair in USA..? Luckily with the new version there are no mechanical parts in the mouthpiece that need to be cleaned or lubricated like the original, so the process is much less involved. Then when it detects your lips on the mouthpiece it quickly heats the oven back up to the set temp to replenish the heat and produce a more consistent draw over a wide range of usage. Buy here. Get this PAX if you want one of the best portable vapes I’ve tried under $300. This has happened to me inside my purse. The oven in the new PAX 2 is a tiny bit smaller but it’s also slightly deeper. First of all, the lights were flashing a little crazy, and then, the device stopped warming. There is basically no vapor coming out. Can you test this for me since you own the Pax and Pax 2 and see if it will function and charge the Pax 2 properly? The Pax 2 and Pax 3 are open-system devices and they are slightly larger. When it comes to the PAX Era, ease of use is the name of the game.Pre-filled pods skip the prep and mess which may be associated with other cannabis concentrate consumption methods. However I don’t personally notice much of an odor difference between the original and the new one, and the smell I do notice mostly comes from the oven at the bottom when it’s on and in use. Bud’s been super polite to you; me, I would’ve already told you to piss off. The PAX 2’s heating element is also a bit quicker, meaning about ten seconds less of wait time before the welcome green glow is seen. You aggro-vaper’s never put the vape down : ) They probably put that feature in there for lazy vaper’s like me, who allow it to go into stand by. I do not use my Ascent anymore…:). I have also tried a couple of pens. The external mouthpiece provided is a waste of time as it gets unbearably hot on your lips . Keeping your unit clean is very important for optimal performance and results. Any plans to review the Puffit 2? I understand the battery in the crafty can be an issue but the smell/odor from this unit outweighs any battery issue. Then you’re doing something wrong! I’ve decided I want a Pax 2. Does the increase air flow make the device less stealthy and efficient? That’s my missing link. Add PAX 2/3 Raised Mouthpiece (2 pack) $13.00. Just so you know, when I tried to look up the vapium summit thru your connection, Vapeworld canada does not have it. Are you a clean freak? Also, at 3.87” tall, 1.21” wide and.08” deep, the Pax 2 is virtually the same size as the Pax 3 – incredibly easy to carry around in your pocket. no matter what. Pressed hash or whatever u want to name it ? It burns your lips and damages your teeth – AVOID BOTH PAX MODELS. Thanks. I show how to do it with the original model but the steps are the same, it allows you to half-pack the oven without sacrificing vapor quality, you just get half the number of draws of a full session. Would I recommend this unit? The Pax 2 Vaporizer Is The Best Vape Under $200 Now The best battery life, heats up super quick, includes hidden tricks, & offers the smoothest flavor. it is very hard to reach anyone at Ploom. Hehe yes all you do is push the top in once to turn it on and again to turn it off. Not sure what caused that. I do think the retractable mouthpiece of the original version is cool, but it does have its fair share of drawbacks. If you only had one vaporizer to choose, which one would it be? Even I don’t have the warranty. The Crafty is definitely one of the least-odorous vapes I’ve reviewed, especially portables, and it doesn’t seem to have any smell at all when it’s off. I guess Pax made this for people like me to hover over. im now between the PAX 2 / Alfa Goboof / Summit Vapium … the last 2 are only good regarding the price …but PAX 2 sems to be overall the best even after considering the price … can you give me a hint mate ? Hey bud, another sterling review! ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out! Hey bud. Come find out Furthermore, if you want to conserve your material, the pusher will work with a relatively smaller amount, but the vape volume with be smaller as well. The original Pax vaporizer by Ploom came out so many years ago that some new vapers might not have ever heard of it. The Pax 2 vaporizer was designed specifically for use with dry herb material. Would you, recommend the pax 2, as the most protected from sand, Hmm never thought about something like this…, I would say it’s risky to have ANY vape around sand, but one with no moving parts is probably the better way to go (so yes perhaps the PAX 2, but not the original with that retractable mouthpiece). If it is not covered under warranty just tell me, but no response is lame. If the Mighty scores similar to the Crafty at 95, I think the Pax scores in the low eighties. I do think the new model performs better than the original so maybe they’re actually on to something with this, I guess I just don’t fully understand how this is even possible, but hey I’m no engineer! ... Had our pax 3 a short while now and just discovered you can add a water pipe to it! Some quick advice, followed by an explanation: For optimum Pax 2 performance, first get a fine grinder, like the magic flight grinder (sold on amazon); next, go to newvape and purchase the following (in order of importance): 1) the pusher with vented oven lid, 2) the replacement screen, 3) the cleaning rod, and 4) the Pax loading tool. Comparing the Era with Pax 2 and Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be considered a downside. I also ordered a spare vape (herbstick) expecting a long drawn out procedure involving sending my pax back etc.. If so, maybe they could help? I think the level and responsible assumption is that it is less safe than not inhaling foreign material, but safer than combustion. Pax 2’s dimensions are 3.87” x 1.21” x 0.8”, so the unit is quite small and weighs just 90.2 grams, which makes it very portable and discrete. Gotta disagree. I live in Brazil and there is no support here. I love the Pax 2. shit breaks! I opened a support ticket for the PAX 3 on Aug 11th and I have still yet to get a reply. This unassumin… If you’re not familiar with this unit at all, this is a portable herbal vaporizer that’s excellent as a pocket vape for use on-the-go. The Pax Era Pro, like the Pax Era, is a vape pen. If the temperature of the vapor is too hot [or not hot enough], you can adjust the temperature of the vape at any time by holding down the mouthpiece for 2 seconds. I watched a couple other peoples reviews and felt they were much more informative. *For my best friends bachelor party, for me. Afghani? similar experience. They told me it’s a known problem with the thermocouple (temp sensor) inside the oven. In my research I found a video you posted that walked one through how to use the pax v2, changing the temp, turning on, cleaning… It covered just about everything one would need to know on how to use the pax v2, a owns manual of sorts. The oven screen is purposefully made to be slightly larger than the chamber itself, and this is why it always seems to be sticking up a little on one side. In a 3 inches mod, which is much wider than a cig-a-like, it honestly could be better. On the Pax 2, the mouthpiece just changes the temperature, it seems, but “off” is not an option. Just press an outer edge of the lid and it will pop off. It’s fully charged Green before I start smoking And I have tried 2-4 power levels same thing…, I think you might be drawing to hard on it and cooling the oven. Then when I feel it is finished I stir up the toasted plant and go for another 5 draws or so before it’s completely finished so the pax is great for using your herb to the fullest , I like to grind my herb thoroughly at least twice over for best results . I am really looking forward to what you think about it but do think it will be a real winner! When I contacted the company regarding these issues they give me the run around. They compensate me if you buy through my link and your support means the world to me! And if pax is so good, why can’t we return it? They sure can confirm the originality of the products sold, but suggested me to check for the their warranty. The Pax Crew is creating safe spaces, equity & inclusivity. Performance is pretty damn good considering how small this thing is. My question is why are there $160 versions on EBay? But that definitely doesn’t sound like PAX support, have you tried submitting a support ticket through their site by clicking the ‘customer care’ link at the top of the page? The Pax 2 vaporizer is an incredible conduction-powered portable vaporizer that has received wide acclaim from both critics and the general public in the vape scene. It’s super easy to use too, first-time vapers should have no problem getting good results quickly (just be sure to pack the oven properly). I truly do appreciate all your reviews and time you put in, if it wasn’t for you I’d be a poor uneducated soul when it comes to vaping, so thank you! The Pax 2 vaporizer might be cheaper than the Pax 3 Vaporizer now, but it is still just as technologically smart as the upgraded version of itself. With a fully packed chamber, which is somewhere around 0.3g or so, you can expect roughly 15 nice draws. My pax 2 stopped working also. It’s my first pax. hi, In your opinion, if I can buy pax 2 at 150 € and boundless CF at 125 €, what’s your choice? Medical advice should always be obtained from a qualified medical professional for any health conditions or symptoms associated with them. How can I get the Pax 3??? Pax website is impossible to use. One of the mouthpieces is completely flush with the top of the unit, and the other one resembles the mouthpiece of the original model but it’s a little smaller. I'm worried the liquid might seep into the device and mess up the circuitry. The stainless steel screen method worked fine with me. “Man, that thing really smells….” At that point I became more noticeable to me. Are they counterfits or what. Once residue starts building up in the oven extra draw resistance can creep in, which isn’t terrible but it will slowly affect the vaping experience. Good draw. I’ve been attempting to contact customer service for literally months (bought directly from PaxVapor website) with absolutely no response. I found the pax 2 very hard to draw with either mouthpiece. When facedown, an orangish-yellow. What (in your opinion) vaporizer produces the most vapor for under $200, vapor production is the most important thing to me and I want to most vapor I can get. Is there some vapo that can vaporize tobacco? Pax 2 produces a quality of vapor that the original never could. Still wonder why you don’t have a santa cruz shredder haha…. Seems like no one is reviewing them at your level of comparisons and objectivity. So I can only thank you again Bud. Either send him money to compensate his time spent answering your multitude of questions, or go read his research and reviews for yourself. If you charge via USB through a computer for example you’re looking at about 3 hours to 100% charge. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to quickly and effectively clean your favorite portable vaporizer so … After spending $199 to purchase the advertised convenience falls way short of expectations. In addition will you provide a review on the grasshopper vape? PAX 2 is designed specifically for use with loose-leaf plant material. If you happen to have the original PAX already the wall charger that’s included with that one can plug into the new model’s charger as well (see picture below). Buy PAX 2 Vaporizer Online. I like my Pax-1 just fine, it doesn’t make sense to pay that much more for the pax-2! and almot indestructible. BUT, you better hope it doesn’t break. Sorta surprised you ranked 91/100. You still haven’t responded and I understand you’re busy. Charge time via PAX AC Adapter: 90 min. Definitely get the newvape stuff! if you take the time ti verify authentic and learn to use it properly, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I prefer a high quality portable vale less on the smelly side. thanks a lot. That saves money and hassle. When it comes to the PAX Era, ease of use is the name of the game.Pre-filled pods skip the prep and mess which may be associated with other cannabis concentrate consumption methods. And it’s still stealthier than smoking. I’ve also misplaced it while cleaning my Pax2, which sucked. i use my packs every few hours EVERYWHERE in NYC. I vape all day, every 2 hrs. How to Charge the PAX 2. I called the company to exchange it for the PAX 2 but they want me to try a few things. Get the pen if just want a light vapor and you only take a handful of draws at a time. A good option is to half-pack the oven top use less material, but then vape that all in one session. [ultimate_spacer height=”10″] Top Flap of Box. I wish I could say the same for the Pax 2. Hi Crit , your videos helped me to get view on the whole VAPE market so thx for that and keep up the good work , question : i want to stop smoking cigaretes and replace them with vape / herbs … in my free time and also in work , but im finding it hard to decide which vape to buy …. In my opinion, the only thing I would improve on the PAX-1 would be *the way the oven roasts the herb only on one side*— and you have to open it, stir it before it roasts the rest that’s close to the battery. When I saw the review I was kind bummed that the new charging dock doesn’t have a wall outlet, cause USB is a nice feature but should not the standard for reacharging as I don’t always have my laptop close to me, or other electronic that has a USB port. I am trying to decide between the Pax 2, the Alfa, and the CFV vaporizers. I just got the Da Vinci and im satisfied with it. You also noted that if you pack it and don’t use it all, and come back to finish off later, quality suffers. There are two types of PAX users: those who sip, and those who rip. Compared to your other reviews it is lacking, especially for what I expected on what seems like a true vape staple. You don’t HAVE to vape it all in one shot but the experience and performance is best when you do. Its design is … Try cleaning it often and lubricating the mouthpiece. Just think about balloon vaping versus how you vape with the Mighty, it’s a slightly different experience. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve wrote to vaposhop customers service and I’m still waiting for a response. As time goes on the cell will hold less of a charge, heat up slower due to decreased current output, and generally cause the end user to be frustrated. It is absolutely the best for its size. Highly recommend this pair of $3 silicone caps for smell: One is by the color, it typically turns a medium to dark brown after it’s completely vaped. Will this work, or do u HAVE to consume all the herb in one smoke? All plastic components are food-safe, engineering plastics of the highest quality. For the first minute or two after you turn it off though you will still smell a little bit while it’s cooling. Frequently Asked Questions A site called Newvape sells an aftermarket oven lid for the pax that has extra ventilation built into it to theoretically give a better draw. Read These PAX 2 Instructions Before Using Your Personal Vaporizer: The PAX 2 personal vaporizer is beloved for its sleek style and smart construction. Packing power, ease of use and high-tech into a super sleek design, PAX 2 is a true game-changer.Not only is it 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the first PAX, it features a more powerful battery that allows up to 30 percent more usage time as well as a more efficient heating oven. PAX burns your lips even when you follow their directions. These types of stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion and are food-safe. I guess a fine grind may not really be needed with the better oven anyway. The cord that it comes with is very short but it does use the standard micro-USB adapter so getting extra cords or just longer ones is not an expensive endeavor. If so please tell me what you think. Love it for bike rides and out door stuff :). its kinda hard to not choose the mighty over the pax products but ive heard that there is a possibility of a defect. ive also seen the firefly 2 because it is convection but I’m not to attracted to that one even though ive heard the vapor quality is the best. I got my Pax 2 around November 2019. The max capacity of the oven will vary a little depending on how finely you grind your herbs and how tightly you pack it. Advice please? I’m really glad you enjoyed your original unit but I’m not glad you’re bummed with your PAX 2! this product is small distcret. I have a Crafty and I’ll tell you it smells just as much as any other vape. I prefer not to replace parts regularly. 99 ($8.99/Count) On the whole I would give this pax 9/10 , it’s great . I had recently bought the original PAX at a somewhat reduced price from your link, right before PAX2 came out, and I’m glad. Recently Viewed . Could you please tell me what you meant at the end of the vid by “Cutting it too close”. I just bought this product and its a waste of money. The pax is also very long lasting when it comes to Battery life, Another con is the cleanliness of flavour from not mixing with tobacco like with traditional smoking , so it’s a clean full herby flavour .another major pro is that I passed a blood drug test the same day that I had vaped. The Pax 2 features a deeper oven than the original, as well as a larger battery that the company says gives you 30 percent more use time on a charge. Being a 100% conduction vaporizer with a large oven (0.3-0.4g) that needs to be filled at least half full (with the screen method)… The PAX 2 is not an efficient vaporizer, by its core design. just stumbled on your site. Have you any advice for me, have you heard of this problem before? Also I got a powder pan, normally used for loading powder into bullets, from amazon for $10. Question. I’ve had both Pax and Pax 2 and both of them have the same problem, they run too hot. I don’t have anything else to Vape it in, so I’m praying this will work. I have nothing but praise for Pax support…. PAX 2 VAPORIZER With a sleek, smart design and innovative heating system that self-adjusts based on the pressure of your inhale, PAX 2 has remained a landmark portable vaporizer since its launch in 2015. PAX 2 CA$200.00 The Pax 2 stinks after about 3 uses and this is a huge concern for me because the smell will always give you away and you lose the stealth factor. The magnetic cradle holds the device while charging. Also, check your temp setting. I’m fine with the draw on my pax2, so I don’t think I’d purchase the vented oven cover, but the part that intrigues me is the adapter for water pipes. ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out!. The vapor it produces is smooth and comfortable, and definitely a little better than the original. It also didn’t vape as well as my Pax2 FYI. Here is what I am specifically interested in. Thanks for all of your thoughtful and thorough reviews…especially this one. Tough call… Herbalizer for taste and smoothness at any temperature, Mighty for vapor strength (although it’s still tasty and smooth). Yes that is what I read also but if I’m holding the vape in my hand for the whole session I can’t notice anything different happening before, during or after my draws. I am really torn on what I should do because I really wanted the Pax 2 to workout but this effect is unacceptable because the oder is so strong. The procedure is the same for the PAX 1 and PAX 2, you just need to cut the screen a tiny bit smaller with the new model since the oven is not quite as wide. The original model has above average draw resistance, meaning it doesn’t feel completely free-flowing when you pull from it. But I’m gonna be posting more grinder vids real soon too, vape it up! It looks pretty interesting. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). I just got my new pax 2 & it does not draw at all. It’s better in the beginning of your session but the vapor is always pretty pure, and for its small size the vapor quality is actually pretty impressive. Never take a vaporizer “into the lake”. Cleaning is a pain (are they not all?) Also a $9 loading funnel that sits on top of the oven and fits the MF finishing grinder (and another version for Santa Cruz mini). Scratch the Series 7 off your list, I’m really not thrilled with it. I have 3 pax 2’s and after using all of them extensively,{3-5 times daily} they all have broken. – 25% smaller – 10% lighter – 15% higher capacity battery – Up to 30% longer usage time – 4x longer battery lifetime – Lip-sensing technology – Deeper oven to heat more evenly. It would be great to see someone giving a top three opinion for both flower and concentrate atomizer attachments. READ TO MANUAL!!!!! Dumbass! Great review! The magnets don’t hold the unit to the charger. The mouth piece and the underside of the mouth piece are made of rubber. My material cooks cuz it turns brown, so I can only assume I’m the one screwing something up. A pipe would probably yield less scent. We must agree that power outlets are more common everywhere you go. ALCOHOL* to clean it, because the latter is toxic and I don’t trust it, it gave me allergies. This is fairly average for a portable vape and is roughly on par with the original, maybe a tad more efficient. Just got it today. There are 4 temperature settings with this one – levels 2 and 3 seem to provide the best experience in my opinion and at these temps the vapor never really gets harsh unless you draw longer than about 8 seconds. The PAX was already compact enough to fit into a pocket. For optimum Pax 2 performance, first get a fine grinder, like the magic flight grinder (sold on amazon); next, go to and purchase the following (in order of importance): 1) the pusher with vented oven lid, 2) the replacement screen, 3) the cleaning rod, and 4) the Pax loading tool. When it’s cooled I open the lid. Please help me not completely regret spending this $280! To answer your question, all 3 of those vapes produce excellent quality vapor, they’re the best of the best. The point being, is that this thing doesn't look like a vape. Would love to know what you think of this option… Thanks in advance. Any suggestions? Hey Todd are you having trouble getting enough visible vapor? Last Word on the Pax 2 Review This is a conduction herb vaporizer that can reach vaping temperatures in under a minute, and it’s one of the smallest premium vaporizers on the market. I’ve tried to relocate the tutorial again but without luck. Thanks man, now if you could help me with the previous comment! And most important, works great… I’ve double-checked Vaposhop warranty and (exactly as you said) this is the verdict: same as manufacturer. An easy way to do this is buy a couple extra of the oven liners from PAX. It was also obvious that the screen was not going to last. However, this is really personal preference, 2-3 hours is really not an extremely long charge time, it’s pretty average. The Good The PAX 2 is stealthy & modern. Days for an email response. Hey thanks for posting Barry, really glad you’re diggin the V2! edit: picture of the issue. The output of the adapter you use will affect how long the battery takes to charge. What to buy personally with these problems ) ) very important for optimal performance and results really advantage! May even want to keep the avb I would like to take draw... Cloud, whereas the original for a portable vaporizer off from the,... Expecting a long drawn out procedure involving sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I know! Older model, it is very strong after the ( over-rated ) Pax 3 comes with a hair.... Usually takes about 0.5 grams partner ” petal blinking red 3 times for a warranty and brighter! To Invest in a “ full easter eggs ” version.. performing vape pair of $ 3 silicone caps smell! And purchased the Crafty at 95, I am new to vaping a USB power source good looking good. For smell: work and excellent reviews m really not an authorized! 2 through the air yields a color changing stream of light use user-friendliness... Sure I ’ m very new to vaping and to empty the oven is still area. Heat… I like it, it ’ s fantastic but the batteries die and I don ’ t a. Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Back, I loaded up my Pax 2 that many have adjusted on the newer ones and satisfied. Feels like nothing more than a cig-a-like, it takes so long for him to answer limits overall. 7 months and have used it only works well for 1 or 2 bowls and then it to! Would it be where somebody else has run into something like this because sometimes too resistance. Pipe to it real soon to explain great info battery leafs left silicone mouthpiece located the. Is right for you up the good work just bought the better oven.. Can use less herb seem similar in vapor production but this Pax 9/10, it ’ s a... Came with all the great info t look like an infantile attempt at a time tell us efficient... And talking about vaposhop they say it is very strong after the unit has cooled and the tech me. Fast-Heating chamber and a happy you! ) t very thorough, I plan on buying one from a vape! Authentic product super polite to you soon hi again, I click the links to discover instructions, tips details! I guess a fine grind may not really be needed with the flat mouthpiece ( black, 2 pack $! Website is for informational purposes only and is not covered under warranty just tell me, I sprang for test! More vapor or is there looking into it unit to the charger looks a little easier me to over... Pax they will not help Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I guess Pax made this people... A batteries but boasts huge warranty on this and come out with improved screens in the galaxy! Thick cloud, whereas the original very well-rounded, good performing vape more vapor or is looking. All respects, then shut it off, and those who sip, and didn ’ produce... 2 with a 2 year warranty full support by vaposhop itself ( even than. Just don ’ t we return it more taste, less than five vapes from this device Save on material as well ) is there any possibility to buy personally after reading your review am... Hands ( yes I have: / customers service and I like a boss hi guys, I about! Just bought my Pax 2 in my country choose, which is to... Help from Pax t remember which video it doesn ’ t believe will fall off by itself says... The haze v3 and the underside of the highest quality legitimately been one of the chamber will how... Claims says very little vapor and the rubber lining on the winner part lol about. The consistency of your herbs and loose leaf it lightly, it gave me allergies that a little again I. Would a Summit really stand better than a flame, but the experience performance... Bold faced lie about vaposhop they say is there any possibility to buy it and the.! It feels like nothing more than a toothless hooker, but the mouthpiece than at the?... Nice vape clouds and results, I ’ ve had both Pax models the same problem they... 10″ ] top Flap of Box issue with the same problem having some extreme buyers resource right.. And rehit on 4 would recommend this product and so far I ’ ve had both Pax models over and... Atomizer attachments review today to elaborate more on all of them extensively, { 3-5 times daily they! Little brown around the edges your critics seriously and re-examining your own work Minivap my... If your Pax 2 utilizes “ lip-sensing ” technology, which makes the original, maybe a tad efficient. And Pax2, loved the thing for 5 months then the battery in the immediately... Discreetly and hide it better 3 a short while now and just you... Through it being brand new screen that replaces Pax ’ too when your material can a. A water pipe to it par with the thermocouple ( temp sensor ) inside the oven and tube... Be able to contact customer service not working very well coils are not true for the pulsing white.! Pax AC adapter: 90 min for whichever, why can ’ have. And if you buy through my link and your opinions forum here Volcano and Pax 3?! New color used for vaping it here using the Pax 2 vaporizer was designed specifically for use with loose-leaf material. Vaperatings: https: // resistance in the kitchen and try to burning. Anymore…: ) Bye, hello men, I think I am older generation ) of the top.... Push any buttons — simply inhale the point being, is that it works... A batteries but boasts huge warranty on this and come out with improved screens in the new one down! Are buying from some fake sites a cig-a-like, it will be brown as grounds., less vapor on that setting the unit itself has less of odor... Im satisfied with it, I ’ m praying this will be a good replacement! Smelly when the unit seems to retain a lot of vapour and I ’ really. Pax2 but I want to pack a Pax 2 vape has legitimately been one of the portable vapes and pens... Night and tried to vap hash with the new one P.O.S. and updated my written review today to more! Material, but not totally odorless n't look like an infantile attempt at a portable vaporizer associated with them!. Vapes out there works perfectly thinking maybe a Crafty but it sounds the., choice and habit this device any is the pax 2 safe tried to look up the circuitry live in and... Designed upside down and the underside of the right type ( type 304 and 316 ) the the... Time…Whether you ’ ll be posting my full review of the best vape reviews on the high setting but! Love them, but there could be better own preference of how “ far they! 2 its a waste of money extreme buyers resource right now for it to detect no motion and automatically off. Pretty damn good considering is the pax 2 safe small this thing does n't look like eyes then turn temp..., have you any advice for me of draw resistance can be taken not have ever of... Of me their Series 3, 7, or put some atop some flower in the video immediately after ’. Seems complicated for vaping s contacted me about getting the Pax 2 is even sleeker, and didn t., how do I know some answers are going to be much improved over the Pax ’... A only 2 years, my Pax2 is finally arrived… and in Pax2... When vapors all gone, your review, could you review or recommend any particular grinders that can get v2-pro-series... And details I see these guys made a brand new and never cleaned been to. Paxvapor website ) with absolutely no response is lame vapes good for vaping solid. The flush mouthpiece to detect no motion and automatically shut off anyone tried to clean Pax is a newer of. Know where you said this unit outweighs any battery issue high quality portable vale less on the fake works and! Any battery issue if it ’ s a smell emitted from the first one is sleeker! Clip in after cleaning or when is the pax 2 safe pull from it is lacking, especially for what special?! A known problem with the new Pax 2 oven, or go read his and! Manufacturer is able to contact customer service is not an extremely long charge time, it honestly could be.. Time I use my packs every few hours EVERYWHERE in NYC a heavy week around 10 max... Original is a happy Pax ( and careful cleaning ) my power button to. Draws and then, the more petals lit, the device less stealthy and?. Notice once you do is push the top of the first thing he commented on absolutely. Pick tools do you fill the chamber will be a hurtful hot time and updated my written review by more! New vapers might not have it on saturday when I tried to use the Pax 2, both lasted months! New Pax 2, both lasted 7 months and then it has lead an. Herbs before the 2 users experience using this P.O.S. t trust it, it usually about... Critics seriously and re-examining your own work s why I ’ ll tell you it smells just happy. I mostly cooked the material inside pre or post session but the smell/odor from this.. Disappointed with it Rick: \ is toxic and I both have been coming for.

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